Washington County, Virginia Unrecorded Marriage Licenses, 1850-1902


From the Introduction: 
I volunteered to complete the 1881-90 gap in the marriage records of Washington County, Virginia for the Historical Society of Washington County. Mr. D. E. Brown, Deputy Clerk of the Washington County Clerk's Office was very generous and showed me the original licenses and the old marriage registers not available to the public. I discovered that there were numerous marriages that had never been recorded in the marriage registers or the marriage indexes. Also, many errors had been made transcribing from one book to another and a lot of times the names in the indexes were not the names on the marriage license.

There are over 2,800 names in this collection that were left out, or incorrectly recorded. I estimate that 85% of the marriage dates are incorrect. The court clerks recorded the date of issue as the marriage date. Only a few people got married on the date of issue. Most are off from a few days to a period of a month or a year.

This book is a supplement to previously published books that were based on microfilm of the Virginia State Library and the LDS Society.

William R. Wheeler

(2003), 2012, 8" x 10", alphabetic by groom's name, parent name index, paper, 127 pp.