Civil War Letters of Cpl. John H. Strathern, Eighth Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps


A family collection of letters written by John Strathern (Allegheny County, PA) during his Civil War service, reflect family concerns normal for the times. As the letters progress, John becomes more world-wise and terse. Letters contain much on the progress of the war which he learned from newspapers, rumor, and eye-witnesses as well as his own experience. As a member of the Army of the Potomac, and a participant in skirmishes and great battles, his letters home reassure his family that he is both safe and well.

A personal glimpse into the experiences of a Union soldier and his family, this book includes letters written by non-family members to provide not only additional insights into the times, but to show contrasting attitudes. Follow the letters plus a brief chronology of the Civil War and movements of Cpl. John H. Strathern and the Eighth Pennsylvania Reserve Corps. Description, Service, Rosters, military service documents of Cpl. John H. Strathern also included. Illustrations. Name, subject, place index.

Marlene C. Bumbera

1994, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 146 pages

ISBN: 9781558561755