Irish Genealogy: A Reference Aid


Brian compiled this book to be used as a reference book for those who are researching Irish record sources. He has divided the contents into five essentials of Irish genealogy: The Family History Process, Surnames, Place and Administrative Divisions, Constructing a Family Tree, and Major Record Sources. It is not intended that the book be read from cover to cover, but rather to be used a reference to be consulted as and when required. Getting started overseas, Irish Passenger Lists, the importance of surnames, surname variants, place (an Irishman’s attachment to the land), Administrative Divisions, the Townland index, maps, topographics, record sources, birth, marriage and death records, census returns and substitutes, birth-marriage-and death certificates, Church Baptismal-Marriage-and Burial Registers, Gravestone, Inscriptions, Wills, Griffith’s Valuation Maps, Tithe Appointment Books, the householder’s Index, census, other sources, estate records-leases, addresses of major record offices, and county libraries all make up the contents of this book.

Brian Mitchell

1999, 8.5" X 11", paper, 70 pp.

ISBN: 9781558562912