Births, Marriages, and Deaths of Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


Ask most genealogists about state-wide recording of vital statistics in Pennsylvania and they will tell you that the Commonwealth started recording marriages in 1885 and births and deaths were not recorded until 1906. This is technically true, but an earlier abortive attempt was in effect from 1852-1854.

The main problem with this early effort was that it was voluntary rather than compulsory, and that county officials were employed as registrars. With no mandated compliance, and no penalties for non-compliance, as one might expect, compliance was very spotty. Thus these records can be a source of disappointment for their omissions, and great elation if one locates the individual sought, since these records sometimes contain certain information that’s unavailable from any other source.

Kenneth T. H. McFarland

1999, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 128 pp.

ISBN: 9781558563070