Genealogical and Other Newsworthy Items


These records are abstracted from The Pittsburg[h] (Pennsylvania) Reporter for the period 25 Jan. 1822 to 25 Dec. 1827. The Pittsburg[h] Reporter was the result of the work of Rev. John Andrews, who began a similar newspaper called The Weekly Reporter in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1814, approved by the governing body (Synod) of the Presbyterian Church. The Weekly Reporter printed its last edition with the 21 October 1821 issue.

Undaunted, Rev. Andrews was given a second chance at journalism with The Pittsburg[h] Reporter. At a new location on Fourth Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and at the same price of $2.00 per year, The Pittsburg[h] Reporter was a hit. It brought news abroad, local marriages and death notices, as well as the famous political, religious and other newsworthy items. It was a great newspaper for its day. These records are not limited to Presbyterians. Many people were married and buried by Presbyterian ministers simply because that’s all certain areas offered in the way of clergymen. Index.

Paul K. Heckethorn

1999, 8.5" X 11", paper, 100 pp.

ISBN: 9781558563230