Remembering Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Part III


A third book of Hazleton’s history brought to life by more data gathered primarily from newspaper accounts.

Important dates, names of local towns, villages, and patches, miner’s life, local industries, Coal City Series, Mollie Maguires, tragedies, the great disaster of 1874, train wrecks and mud run trial, sixteen blocks burned in Shenandoah, cave-ins, masked men rob North Side crew, terrible explosions, burning of Danville Hospital, Hazleton fires, the Engle clock, Stephen D. Engle’s latest inventions, Baptist affairs, first interment in Vine Street Cemetery, prominent citizens sketches, tombstone photos from St. Johns Cemetery and much more comprise this invaluable aid for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania researchers and historians. Surname index.

Norm Drasher

2012, 8.5 X 11, paper, 224 pp

ISBN: 9781558565555