Flatwoods Baptist Church 1834-2009 Franklin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania


If you are searching for ancestors in the Flatwoods area, this book is a collection of scanned Memorabilia & Photos with some transcriptions from the author. The church, a branch from the Redstone Baptist church, served the area of Flatwoods & Curfew as well as the neighboring rural communities of Virgin Run & Jackson areas of Perry Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Its members numbered over 200 people at times, to the largest extent being descendants of the area’s early settlers. The church hosted many local ministers & sent a number of individuals into the ministry & mission fields. It is still serving the surrounding communities. The index contains names of all mentioned in the pages of this research treasure. Where known, the maiden names of female members are also noted.

Yvonne L. Blair Cossell-Morgan

2015, 8.5x11, paper, 217 pp.

ISBN: 9781558565913