Robertson County, Texas Marriage Records 1838-1875


                          Robertson County, Texas Marriage Records 1838-1875

                                                       Frances T. Ingmire 

Robertson County was created in 1839 from the lands taken from Milam County. The compiler has tried to copy the names exactly as they are spelled in the original register, making no changes, even though it is obvious that many of the names are mis-spelled. If the reader is in doubt abut the rendition of a name, it is suggested that she or he go back to the original book. The researcher should also consider all possible spellings of a name. Often it is almost impossible to tell an “o” from an “a”, and “e” from the “i”, “u” from “n”, etc. The entries give the date of the marriage, the names of the brides and grooms only. A surname index is included for help in searching for the name of interest.

1980, paper, 62 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476334