Robertson County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1838-1939


In Robertson County all probate records are in the custody of the county clerk. Case papers are kept in 90 file drawers, labeled 1-90 in the clerk’s vault. The papers of each case are contained in an individual file jacket. Cases filed 1838-1897 are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the surname of the principal party; cases filed thereafter are arranged numerically by the case number.

Since the transfer of territory from one county to another has affected probate jurisdiction and has determined the county in which the probate cases should have been filed, a map and table of territorial changes are included herein. Notations are given concerning present location and availability of records pertinent to Robertson County.

Milam and Cameron Counties records were destroyed by fire in 1874 and these will impact some of the Robertson County records. In these index records you will only find the name of the deceased, minor or lunatic, date filed and case number. The case number is most important if you wish to have the Clerk send copies of those records.

Examples from this volume:
ALLEN, Carrol, John, Lillian, Louis & Perry, minors - Nov. 5, 1906 - case no. 1126
MILLS, Hary, deceased - Sept. 26, 1871 - case no. 0606

WPA Records

1941, paper, 85 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476211