San Saba County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1866-1939


In San Saba County, created in 1856 from Bexar County, all probate records are in the custody of the county clerk. Case papers are filed in numerical sequence in plainly marked steel file drawers in the clerk’s office.

Since the transfer of territory from one county to another has affected probate jurisdiction and has determined the county in which the probate case should be filed, the following counties may also need to be researched:  Bexar, Llano and McCulloch.

In this volume of the index to these probate cases, an alphabetical listing showing the names of the deceased, minor or lunatic are given with the date filed and the case number. This case number is essential to the researcher trying to locate the file.

Examples from this volume:
ARMSTRONG, Anna E., Maggie E., Ned C. and V. Miller, minors - July 4, 1905 - case no. 285
URQUHART - John J. deceased - July 12, 1919 - case no. 539

WPA Records

1940, 8.5"x11", softcover, 30 pp.

ISBN: 9780788478307