Shelby County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1881-1939


In Shelby County, created in 1835 from the Old Mexican Municipality of Tenehaw, the probate case papers are filed in steel boxes in the county clerk’s office. The cases are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of surname of principal party, and chronologically thereafter.

Since the transfer of territory from one county to another has affected the venue in probate cases and has therefore determined the county in which the probate case should have been filed, the following counties may also need to be researched: San Augustine, Sabine, Nacogdoches, Harrison, and Rusk.

In this index volume the following information is given; name of deceased, minor or lunatic, the date filed and the case number. This latter item is of prime importance in obtaining a copy of the original files from the county court clerk.

Example of the entries in this volume:
ALLEN, Ernest, James, Lucile, Mozelle and Orland, minors - Mar. 25, 1931 - case no. 1590
COLEMAN, Adeline, deceased - April 4, 1929 - case no. 1438

WPA Records

1942, 8.5"x11", softcover, 54 pp.