Orange County, Texas Inventory of County Archives 1852-1940


Orange County, Texas was established in 1852 out of the lands taken from Jefferson County. Like most of the early counties in Texas, there were very lean times and at one point, the clerk reported that only $6.00 had been received from August to November 1852. And in spite of a courthouse fire, most of the records have survived with only a few scorched.

This inventory of those records held in each of the departments of the court house is a wealth of information for those engaged in genealogical and historic research. Included is a fairly detailed history of the county and the various settlements that have occurred in the area since about 1718 when the French made their first attempt to settle the area along the Sabine Rivers just north of the Sabine Lake in eastern Texas. Each of the county departments maintain various records and this is a collection of information about each department.

WPA Records

1941, 8.5"x11", perfect bound, maps of the area, 191 pp.