Jackson County, Texas Inventory of County Archives


At the end of the depression, the Work Projects Administration of the Federal Government began to put people back to work, especially from 1935 to 1941. One of their projects in Texas was to inventory the contents of the Courthouses in the entire state. This volume of those records covers the county of Jackson. The records include information on the historical background, governmental organization, housing, care and accessibility of records and then each of the various offices within the county structure are listed in some details as to what records one will find in this court house. There are no individual records given, only types of records like naturalization, professional licenses, vital statistics, liquor hearings, trust funds, case papers and the like. What this does for the researcher is allow them to know what records are there and they can then access these from the appropriate clerk.

WPA Records>

(1940), reprint, 8.5"x11", index, perfect bound, 109 pp.