Mills County, Texas Inventory of the County Archives


Mills County is located on the Colorado River and is known as the center of Texas with Center City, a small community designated as the exact center of the State. Until the late 1850s, this was the hunting ground for the Comanches and Apaches who fought bitterly over the plains hunting grounds found here. These records were produced as a part of the Work Projects Administration, created to put people to work in order to bring the United States out of the depression of the 1930s. The Texas administrations of these funds were directed to each county to survey the contents of the Court Houses. Each department in each court house was surveyed and the contents of the records in that department were listed. This is of great use by the genealogical and historic researcher as it enables them to know what records are there and what have been lost. Remember that these records pre-date 1940 and any later records will have to be obtained from the County Court House in question

WPA Records

1940, 8.5"x11", index, perfect bound, 84 pp.