Confederate Pension Applications, Trinity County, Texas


Trinity County, Texas is located in east Texas in the area called the Timberlands region. Prior to the introduction of the lumber industry in the 1880s, this area was covered by forest of immense trees. Jesse James was the recorded first permanent settler on Alabama Creek in 1844. During the Civil War, the area was divided but seemed to be primarily Confederate in sympathies. Slavery grew during the war as southern planters moved west with their slaves. The county became a haven for Confederate deserters and criminals and public order broke down. Following the war, in 1866 three companies of Illinois infantry were stationed in Sumpter as occupation troops for the reconstruction of the area.

This volume lists the various rosters of the Confederate units from the county and then the applications for pensions by those persons who saw a need for these payments.

Frances T. Ingmire

1981, 8.5"x11", surname index, softcover, 39 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476983