Effingham County, Georgia Records 1755-1860


Effingham County, bordering the Savannah River in southeast Georgia, is one of the original eight counties created when the original Parish system of government was abandoned. It originated in 1733 as St. Matthew and St. Phillip Parishes; during the American Revolution, it was named a county on 5 February 1777 and named in honor of Lord Effingham, who championed the colonial rights of the colonies. In this collection of records you will find the following: St. Matthew Parish Crown Grants of land, Marriages 1755-1810, some Revolutionary War veterans, a listing of State Legislators, an index to the 1840 Federal Census and an index of the 1860 Federal Census and a number of early biographies of citizens in the late 1880s.

James L. Douthat

2020, paper, 65 pp.

ISBN: 9780788496981