Special Presidential Pardons of Confederate Soldiers


Following the Civil War, there were thirteen "confederate profiles" that disqualified an individual from receiving a "general amnesty." If a "rebel" fell under one of these exclusions, amnesty was denied and an application for a "special personal pardon" from President Johnson was required. Excluded from receiving a "general amnesty" were individuals who:

  • were civil or diplomatic agents or officials of the Confederacy
  • left judicial posts under the United States to aid the rebellion
  • were Confederate Military Officers above the rank of Army Colonel or Navy Lieutenant
  • were members of the U.S. Congress who left to aid in the rebellion
  • resigned commissions in the U.S. Army or Navy and afterwards aided in the rebellion
  • treated unlawfully black prisoners of war and their white officers
  • had absented themselves from the United States in order to aid in the rebellion
  • were graduates of West Point or Annapolis who served as Confederate officers
  • Ex-Confederate Governors
  • left homes in territory under United States jurisdiction for purposes of aiding the rebellion
  • engaged in destruction of commerce on the high seas or in raids from Canada
  • voluntarily participated in the rebellion who had property valued at more than $20,000.00
  • had broken the oath taken under the provisions of the proclamation of 8 Dec. 1863

With 30,000+ listings, this hefty two-volume set is a compilation of confederate names, reason(s) for exclusion, and names of individuals who 'vouched' for them. Included are pardons given individuals in Alabama, Arkansas, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Northern Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

  • D.H. Reynolds, Rebel Brigadier General, Recommended for a Presidential Pardon by Governor Murphy, United states district attorney, Hons. W.D. Snow and George W. Morgan
  • Robert C. Foster, Indicated for Treason, Recommended for a Presidential Pardon by Governor Brownlow and H.H. Harrison
  • Allmand A. McKoy, Rebel Receiver, Recommended for a Presidential Pardon by Jas. L. Autry, J.D. Parker, J.R. Smith, A. Royal, II, W.S. Matthews, Charles Chesnutt, N.P. Chesnutt, W.L. Robinson, Jesse Wilson, A.S.C. Powell, James A. Warwick, Joseph Herring, James T. Giddins, Joel Jackson, and J.W. Mathews.
  • H.P. Straughan, Rebel Postmaster, Recommended for a Presidential Pardon by Governor Holden

Along with the complete list of pardons, the full text of Executive Document #99, Pardons & Abandoned Property is included. This much-needed resource is essential for any genealogist or historian researching the Civil War era.

(?), 8½x11, paper, 2 vols, index, 530 pp.