Polk County, Missouri Records


                                          Polk County, Missouri Records

Polk County was organized and separated from Greene County on January 5, 1835. Its original boundaries were later reduced to set up Dade, Dallas, and Hickory Counties. The name was suggested by a local pioneer, Ezekiel Campbell, to honor his grandfather Ezekiel Polk who was a colonel in the Revolutionary War and an early settler in western Tennessee. But, when the legislature acted to create the county, they named it for another grandson, James K. Polk, who was the Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress at the time and later became President of the United States in 1845.

This volume includes:

Brief History of the county;
Will Book A 1839-1856 and Wills & Administration Book A 1837-1854;
Marriage Book B 1859-1870;
Officials at weddings;
Civil War Discharge papers for Soldiers and the Richardson Family Cemetery.

Reprinted 2011, 8.5"x11", full name index, soft cover, 80pp