St. Genevieve County, Missouri Records


                                   St. Genevieve County, Missouri Records

Saint Genevieve County is located on the Mississippi River below St. Louis, MO. This area was settled sometime between 1735 and 1750 by the French who brought with them a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. In the beginning, this area was part of the Illinois County and it is generally accepted to be all the land claimed by the French from the mouth of the Ohio River north to the Great Lakes which includes the valleys of the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers. At this early time the seat of government was in New Orleans and this part of Missouri was part of the Upper Louisiana Territory. In 1803, when President Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, all of this territory was included in that transaction. This book of records includes the following:

  • Brief history of the county
  • Baptismal Records 1759-1811 giving the child’s name and their parent.
  • Marriage Book A - 1807-1827 and 1842-1866
  • Abstract of Wills and Administration 1807-1855
  • Registry of Wolf Scalps 1847-1895
  • Death Registry 1883-1892

    One has to note the dates of the baptismal records as being some of the earliest in the Colonial times in America. We have the Roman Catholic Priest to thank for these. Of course, most all of them are French in origin, but many of their descendants are still in the area.

    Reprinted 2012, 8.5"x11", full name index, soft cover, 190pp