Franklin County, Missouri Records


                                           Franklin County, Missouri Records

Franklin County, located in the eastern central portion of the State, was created 11 December 1818 from St. Louis County which was two years prior to Missouri joining the United States as a new state. The English began coming into this section of the state early on, but as time passed the German migration came into the play. There was much conflict in the area over slavery as the English had slaves and the German did not believe in slavery. When the Civil War broke out, this area was much divided between both sides of the conflict.

In this volume you will find a brief history of the county, the 1819 Territorial Tax Listing of residences, Wills & Administrations 1819 - 1854, Homesteaders before 1831, slave holders in 1836, patrons of the Frackler Brothers General Store 1843 - 1846 and the Patrons of the Atlas of 1878.

 Reprinted 2016, 8.5"x11", full name index, soft cover, 98pp