Bath County, North Carolina Early Wills 1696-1739


Bath County was carved out of Albemarle County in 1696. In 1705, Archdale, Pamtecough and Wickam precincts were established. In 1712, the early precincts were renamed: Archdale became Craven Precinct, Pamtecough became Beaufort Precinct, and Wickham became Hyde Precinct. Each of these latter precincts became counties in their own right. These wills are found in the Secretary of State’s office in Raleigh, NC.


“DENEHAM ELIZABETH - July 9, 1716. Legatees: Ann Clewes, Elizabeth Leigh, Joseph Trewett, Elezabeth (sic) Deneham, John Leigh, John Deneham. Witnesses: Elizabeth Lee and James Lee, Jun’r. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater.” [Note: date is when written. No probate date given.]


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