Hamilton County, Tennessee Marriage Book 1, 1853-1870


Hamilton County, Tennessee was created in 1819 out of the lands obtained from the Cherokee in the Hiwassee land transaction and part of Rhea County. At the time of the creation, the county was all north of the Tennessee River, but today it lays about half north of the river and half south of the river. Most all of the records of the county, except the deeds, were destroyed during the Civil War. These early marriage records were taken from records that did survive the war. Chattanooga, the principal town during the war, was not the county seat, so some of these records were saved.

Examples from this volume:

  • William Smith to A. J. Walker were married by J. S. Green, J. P. on July 13, 1863
  • Henry Washington to Manda Johnson were married by J. C. Rowden, J. P. Aug. 11, 1867
  • James Nolan and Margaret Hawkins were married Aug. 15, 1867 by H. V. Brown, Catholic Priest.

James L. Douthat

1986, paper, 113 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491122