Perry County, Tennessee Tombstones


Perry County, located on the Tennessee River in west Tennessee, borders a part of the Kentucky Lake of the Tennessee Valley Authority. These tombstone records were made of two different sources of information. The first part are the WPA collection of inscriptions gathered during the Great Depression in the 1930s. These records were gathered but never typed and returned to the State Archives. Mountain Press purchased the material from the project's State Supervisor's estate in the late 1980s. The second portion of this material are the records found in the TVA collection of those cemeteries along the Tennessee River prior to the flooding of the Kentucky Lake. These do not constitute a full collection of the records for Perry County, but they are both among the older ones for the area. In many cases, the cemeteries and/or the graves are destroyed or vandalized and the stones, if there were any, are gone. Many of the early records were found in the WPA collection on funeral home markers that have long since disappeared.

WPA Records and Tennessee Valley Authority

2011, paper, 43 pp.