Greene County, Tennessee Compendium 1783-1799


Greene County, Tennessee Compendium 1783-1799

James L. Douthat

Located in the upper portion of east Tennessee and was developed from the “Nolichucky settlement” established by Jacob Brown on land leased from the Cherokee in 1770's. It was formed in 1783 by the state of North Carolina from portions of Washington District. The area later became a part of the State of Franklin and on 1 June 1796 it became a county in the State of Tennessee. It was named for Major General Nathanael Greene. When created, Greene County went from Sullivan/Washington County south to the Georgia State Line on the north side of the Tennessee River. We know it extended that far south from a grant at the mouth of the Hiwassee River in present day Rhea County, Tennessee.

These records are taken from various sources such as grants, deeds, marriage records, church records, biographies, and general histories of the area. There are other records for this county but the dates do not match our parameters. Most of the records used were from our private collection of Tennessee material as well as from libraries and the State Archives. This collection of records for the time period help to establish the names of early settlers in the region.

2018, paper, 106 pp.