Sumner County, Tennessee Cemetery Records


Sumner County, Tennessee Cemetery Records - W.P.A. Records

These records are a combination of those pages of the W.P.A. materials sent to the State Archives when the project ended in 1940 and those pages not returned to the Archives but retained by the State Supervisor of the total project for further work.  In the 1980s, Mountain Press purchased those non-returned files from the estate of the State Supervisor and in that collection were a large number of these records found in this volume. The total cemeteries cataloged by the W.P.A. was about

126 in all.  Most of these are small plots located on various farms around the county. To our surprise, we find there are a large number of persons buried in this county who were born in the 18th century and many fought in the American Revolutionary War.

- 84 pages - soft cover - full name index - reprinted 2018.