First Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland 1649-1658, Volume 1: The Landowners


Fully documented biographical and genealogical accounts of the first settlers of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, based on primary record sources. This volume describes 86 landowners, their wives, children and grandchildren. Included are the Puritans from England and other colonies who were attracted by Lord Baltimore’s liberal land grant policy. The book’s introduction places these first settlers in the exciting and uncertain historical context climaxed in 1655 by the confrontation between the two opposing political factions. Also included are the first conversions by the Society of Friends. Emphasis is placed upon land records; each settler’s holdings are specified. A settler’s origin, if known, is described. Relocation from Virginia is known for 34 settlers. The 86 family accounts are supported by a total of 1039 footnotes. Outline maps illustrate the locations of the hundreds and rivers which were the basis for land grant descriptions. At least 75 of the men were in America before 1657, established families, and left descendants in the male line, thereby becoming potential qualifying “founding ancestors” for membership in the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.

The Landowners: Richard Acton, William Ayres, Richard Beard, Francis Beasley, Richard Bennett, Thomas Besson, John Brown, Thomas Browne, William Burgess, Robert Burle, John Burrage, Edward Carter, Henry Catlyn, Samuel Chew, John Clark, Robert Clarkson, William Cole, John Covell, James Cox, William Crouch, Edward Dorsey, Emanuel Drew, Hugh Drew, William Durand, Thomas Emerson, Richard Ewen, William Frizell, William Fuller, John Gaither, Thomas Gates, Patrick Gossum, John Grammer, Roger Grosse, John Gunnis, Thomas Hall, John Hammond, William Harness, Jeremiah Hasling, Ralph Hawkins, Bartholomew Herring, Abraham Holman, James Homewood, Thomas Hooker, James Horner, Mathew Howard, Edward Lloyd, Thomas Marsh, Thomas Meeres, James Merryman, John Moseby, George Nettlefold, John Norwood, Christopher Oatley, William Parker, William Pell, William Pennington, William Penny, William Pyther, Peter Porter, George Puddington, Lawrence Richardson, Robert Rockhould, Christopher Rowles, Anthony Salway, George Saughier, Edward Selby, Edward Skidmore, Zephaniah Smith, Thomas Sparrow, Oliver Sprye, Leonard Strong, Richard Talbott, Philip Thomas, Thomas Todd, Thomas Tolley, Edward Townhill, Nathaniel Utie, Sampson Waring, James Warner, John Watkins, Richard Wells, Samuel Withers, Henry Woolchurch, Richard Woolman, Nicholas Wyatt, Richard Young.

Donna Valley Russell 

(1999), 6x9, paper, index, 190 pp.

ISBN: 9780914385165