Marriage and Death Notices from Alabama Newspapers and Family Records 1819-1890


These newspapers abstracts cover the central and Eastern portion of the State of Alabama, with papers from the Mobile, Eufaula, Clayton, Bluff City, Montgomery and Henry County areas.   Much valuable genealogical information is to be gleaned from this book of source material. Some of the papers from which this material is taken are: Montgomery Republican, Mobile Commercial Register, The Eufaula Democrat, The Spirit of the South, Independent American, Eufaula Express, The Bluff City Times, The Henry County Register, The Clayton Banner, Eufaula Weekly Times & News, Eufaula Times & News, The Eufaula Times, The Eufaula Weekly Bulletin, and Eufaula Daily Times.


Helen S. Foley


1981, (2004), cloth, 240 pp.

ISBN: 9780893082086