History of Southern Arkansas


This volume contains Biographical Sketches if 1750 individuals and 7000 other families listed in these sketches.  Counties covered are: Conway, Johnson, Logan, Montgomery, Polk, Pope, Scott, and Yell.  The New Index that was created for this reprint mentions over 15,000 names.  In this volume, the History of Conway County, Arkansas. plus the biographical Sketches of the county were included too.  In the original 1891 edition, Conway was left out but SHP, inc. with the help of some very knowledgeable librarians have located and included Goodspeeds left out county.  A new Index was completed for this section also.  So please be aware that thereb are two indexes in this book to cover the original section plus the new section that covers Conway County, Arkansas.  


Goodspeed Publishing Company


1891, (1984), cloth, 1112 pp.

ISBN: 9780893080839