Spanish Land Grants in Florida, 1752-1786, Unconfirmed Claims Volume 1


Spanish Land Grants in Florida, 1752-1786, Unconfirmed Claims. (Volume #1)


The Spanish Land Grants were land claims filed by settlers in Florida after the transfer of the territory from Spain to the United States in 1821 in order to prove land ownership. Starting in 1790, Spain offered land grants to encourage settlement to the sparsely populated and vulnerable Florida colony. When the United States assumed control of Florida, it agreed to honor any valid land grants. This volume is comprised of the Unconfirmed Claims 1752-1786, after the cession of Florida, that the United States authorities found invalid. The value of the translation of the Spanish Land Grants and their supporting documents is also enhanced by the inclusion of geographical data, such as the names and locations of creeks, roads and Indian trails, as well as basic information on the size, location and basis of each claim will be found to be important social and economic data on the English occupation of Florida (1763-1783) and the second Spanish occupation (1783-1821).

1940, (2121), paper, 442 pp.

ISBN: 9781639140008


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