Loyalists in East Florida, 1774-1785, Records of their Claims for Losses of Property in the Province. (Volume #2)


At the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War, Florida was ceded back to Spain for its involvement during American Independence.  This volume represents the documents of those Loyalists who were seeking claims for lost lands and property of the East Florida Claimants that were filed for the years 1774-1785.    In these records, the reader will find wealth of items concerning grants and transfers of land, the arrival of settlements with slaves, the clearing of plantations and building of settlements, the cultivation of various crops such as rice and Indian corn, the setting out of groves of fruit trees, the manufacture of indigo, turpentine, tar and pitch.  The bulk of these claims were filed in London, England while others were filed from the Bahamas; Jamaica; the Dominica and Bermuda.  This book covers the examination of these claims/rewards along with the memorials & schedules.  The author has also included lists of Refugees located in the Bahamas, Jamaica and England along with biographical notices on numerous claimants.


Wilbur Henry Siebert

1929, (2023), paper, 436 pp.

ISBN: 9781639141302