Records of Clarke County, Georgia 1801-1892


This book contains the names of approximately 21,000 individuals found in these records. This book is divided into four (4) major sections as follows: PART 1 - which contains Loose Original Records: Inventory of Estate Records, 1801-1823; Lost Court Files of the Inferior Court, 1805-1895; A Listing and Description of Miscellaneous Files, 1800-1925. PART 2 - Abstracts from the Miscellaneous Files: 1. Misc. Records such as a Poor List, 1832 & 1837; Estray Declarations and Records, 1820, 1837-1873; 2. Confederate Records, 1862-1892, such as Guardians of Orphan Children of deceased soldiers; Cripple soldiers for life; Soldiers Widows; Dependents on Soldiers for Support, vis: wives and widows and children of Confederate Soldiers; 3. Militia records, 1804-1831; 4. Poor School Records, 1823. PART 3 - Original Marriage Records, 1804-1850’s. PART 4 - Inventory of county records of Georgia Archives, viz: 1. Probate Court Records; Superior Court Records including index to Deeds and Mortgages and Superior Court Minutes; 2. Private records on microfilm, such as family histories, journals, family collections; 3. Militia Records from Duke University, 1804-1823; 4. Appendix, containing a missing page from the 1840 census and Land Court Minutes, 1803-1832.


Robert Scott Davis, Jr.


1993, paper, 264 pp.

ISBN: 9780893084851