Cowetta County, Chronicles


Cowetta County, Chronicles, Mary G. Jones and Lily Reynolds

Cowetta County was formed in the 1827 Land Lottery.  It lies in the western central portion of the state and is considered part of the current Metro Atlana area.  The contents of this book: early histories of churches, bisiness, county officials, schools, Lists of first settlers by districts, Revolutionary War Soldiers who died in Cowetta, Marriages from 1827-1838, records of Cowetta County men  in the Confederate Army, 163 family genealogies.  This book is a MUST for for persons whose families migrated Westward into Central Georgia towards Alabama.  Genealogical sketches are included on the following families: Arnold-Houston, Smith-Edmondon, Faver, Addy, Brown, Cuttino, Irvin-Bankston, Arnall, Walker-Faver, Freeman, Dent, Steagall-Wood, Ray, Powell, Gibson, Wright, Moreland (2), Colley, McClendon-Blake, Conyers-Whigham, Moses, Smith, Jones, Thompson, Carmical-Robinson, Leigh, Petty, Hunter, Wilkinson, Hunnicutt-Page, Page-Gray, Atkinson-Cook, Simril-Love-Brooks, Thomas-Hartsfield-Anderson, Parks, Cole-Sharp, Linch, Linch-Tench-Gray, Carleton-Major, Sims-Goodwyn, Young, Walthall, Hill-Hall, Peddy, Stallings-Ware, Hardaway-Hunter, Glover, Pinson, Steed-Pinson, Starr-Edwards, Cole, Tidwell, Cureton-Schumpert, Edge-Danforth, Hutchinson-Kelley, Gibson-Faver, Redwine, Powell-Scoggins, Featherston-Tompkins, Wright, Bailey, Elder-Dent, Simms, Robinson-Cates, Arnold-Simms, Hall-Johnston, Gifford-Gay, Parrott, Burch, Wynne-Ware, Passavant, Meriwether-Simms, Redwine-Wood, North-Bailey, Powell-Hardaway, Reynolds-Chapman-Camp-Rollins, Camp-Couch-Howell-Richardson, Milburn-Camp, Brannon, Hawes, Barker, Downing-Gibson, Dickinson, Cotton, Thompson, Long, Lundie, Astin-Sherwood, Neely-Merrill, Pease, Carmichael-Wellborn-Summers-Price, Baggarly-Bowles, Stacy, Lovejoy-Cotter, Dennis, Westmoreland-Coppedge, Fisher-Miller, Boone-Hardaway, Turner-Dowdell, Seib-Herring, Irvine-Tucker.

1928, (2019), paper, . 

ISBN: 9780893080167