Research in Georgia


With a special emphasis upon the Georgia Department of Archives & History

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to research sources in Georgia and especially the Georgia Department of Archives and History. Mr. Davis has painstakingly surveyed the records and their locations and compiled a book that is a watershed for Georgia historians and genealogists. It is written as a guide, leading him or her step-by-step to the records - many of which are unknown to even the most experienced researcher due to long years of neglect. The inclusion of an outline to the county material on microfilm can help many a traveler to realize that a trip to the archives is more useful than one to the county courthouse. I can think of no better book with which people can use as a beginning tool for research in Georgia - Ken Thomas, Genealogy, The Atlanta Constitution.  

Outline of Contents:
  • General Subject and County Index: Department guide explaining the various records and their potential genealogical value.
  • Other Resources: periodicals, listing titles and addresses of over 35 genealogical and historical periodicals of specific interest, maps.
  • County Records: an inventory. Basic lists by county of microfilmed records with indications for particular time periods when particular records are not available, with date of creation of each county and its number in order of creation and the name of the county it was formed from.
  • Tax Digests: Basic discussion of the specific usefulness of tax records, with a lists of those on microfilm at the archives.
  • Census Records: census records that are available at the Archives on microfilm for Georgia by year, as well as other states.
  • County Histories: Bibliography of histories with specific genealogical references of approximately 1,000 titles.
  • Land Lotteries & Colonial Records: comprehensive inventory of colonial books or records and loose documents, with reel numbers specifying their location in the Archives Microfilm Library, plus an extensive list of publications in which printed copies of these may be found in abstracted form.

Robert S. Davis, Jr.

(1981), 2002, paper, 268 pp.

ISBN: 9780893081997