Georgians in the Revolution: Wilkes County and Burke County


This book contains the names of 4,000 men who served in this area of Georgia during the Revolution. This book is divided into 2 parts with the first dealing with the persons and events that pertain to Wilkes County. There is a complete and detailed account of the battle that took place at Kettle Creek on Feb. 14, 1779. Also included are the Loyalists trials of Ninety-Six in 1779 and the prisoner list of Ninety-Six Jail in 1779. There is a Full documented list of soldiers so far known to have been in Kettle Creek, both patriot and loyalists. The second part of this book deals with Burke County’s participation in the Revolution. The author has included lengthy articles on colonial St. George Parish, Burke County, in the American Revolution, the battle of Burke County Jail, documents about the militia, the war in South Carolina fought by Burke Countians, the Battle of Briar Creek, John Twiggs, John Jones, John Thomas, John Dooley, Col. Leonard Marbury, the Burke County Jail, a chronology of the war in Georgia and much, much more.

Robert S. Davis, Jr.

(1986), 2007, Hard Cover, Index, 272 pp.

ISBN: 9780893083502