History of Walker County, Georgia


Walker County, Georgia was created in 1833 from Murray County had been created from Cherokee County in 1832. Cherokee County had been created in 1832 from Indian lands in the northwestern portion of the state.

This history is similar to other history books of the era with discussions of the formation of the county, Indians, commerce, religion, education, militia districts, slavery, involvement in various wars, and items all important to the development of the county. The author has given considerable amount of data on the Civil War with such things as Muster Rolls being listed for various companies and he has also included Biographical Sketches of: Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Bayless, Blackwell, Blaylock, Brothers, Brown, Bryan, Center, Chambers, Chastain, Clarkson, Clements, Conley, Copeland, Coulters, Dickerson, Dunn, Dyer, Fariss, Freeman, Garmany, Graham, Hackney, Hall, Hammond, Haslerig, Hearn, Henderson, Henry, Hixon, Hunter, Jackson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keown, McConnell, McCulloh, McCutchen, McFarland, Miller, Millican, Moore, Myers, Napier, Park, Parker, Patton, Pickle, Pittman, Ponder, Ransom, Roberts, Sartain, Schmitt, Shattuck, Shaw, Simmons, Sizemore, Spearman, Stansell, Stegall, Suttle, Thurman (2), Tucker (2), Veatch, Weaver, Wheeler, White, Whitlow, Wood (2), and Young. The reader will also discover a chapter devoted to tombstone inscriptions of 54 early public and private cemeteries.

James A. Sartain

(1932), 2019, paper, 570 pp.

ISBN: 9780893088873