History of Jones County, Georgia


History of Jones County, Georgia

Carolyn White Williams

Jones County was created in 1807 from Baldwin County.  It is located in the center of the state.  Originally known for its farmlands before the Civil War, it suffered destruction during the Civil War as Sherman’s march to the sea passing through the county due to it cotton gin factor being retrofitted to produce pistols for the Confederate Army.  This book is similar to other history books of the era with such topics being discussed: preformation of the county, formation of the county, Indians, early settlers, involvement in the War of 1812, education, religion/churches, towns, roads/trails, and a considerable amount of discussion of its involvement in the Civil War.  The author has included inscriptions from 40 cemeteries from around the county.  She has also included the history of 22 ante-bellum homes located in Jones County and often times giving a biographical sketch of its owner: Clinton, Gordon-Bowen-Blount, Comer, Small, Newton, Peyton, Pitts, Cabaniss, Day-Barron, Barron, Glawson, Lancaster, Greene, White, Roberts, Moughon, Tomotavia, Johnson, and Lowther.  But more importantly, are the 80 plus genealogies of persons from the county.  The reader will also discover an appendix filled with genealogical data: 1811 Tax Digest, 1820 Census, 1826 Land Lottery Draws, Marriage Bonds 1811-1890, Slave Deed Records 1791-1865, Index of Wills 1808-1890, Abstracts of Wills 1808-1810, List of Revolutionary Soldiers and Widows of Soldiers, Roster of Confederate Soldiers, WWI and WWII, Index to 1850 Census, and List of Grand Jurors 1808-1810.

1957, (2020), paper, 1128 pp.

ISBN: 9780893088729