History of Kentucky [2 volumes]


These two volumes by father and son are the most valued, accurate and complete history of Kentucky to be found in print and for many generations were the textbooks for the study of Kentucky history. The Index to this set of books mentions over 25,000 persons. Vol. I contains: A list of Revolutionary soldiers in Kentucky; soldiers of the county of Kentucky when Kentucky County was still a part of Virginia. The Annals from 1774-1874; an outline or chronological history of Kentucky; and a section of miscellaneous statistics on the state such as: Governors, Representatives, organizations before statehood and much other valuable data. Vol. II contains a revised and up-dated version of Lewis Collins original 1847 history of Kentucky's 116 counties at this date and approximately 500 sketches of individuals prominent in their formation and settlement, together with their families. A very detailed genealogy of the family of Daniel Boone is given in Volume #2.

Lewis Collins

(1874), 2019, 2 volumes, 1604 pp.

ISBN: 9780893081683