The History of Kentucky: the Eighth Edition [8-A]


The History of Kentucky: the Eighth Edition (8-A)

Perrin, Battle, & Kniffin

Jefferson County was created in 1780.  It was one of the first 3 counties created in Kentucky of which the other two were Fayette & Lincoln.  Jefferson County was created from Kentucky County, VA., which in turn was created from Fincastle County, VA.  Jefferson County is located along the Ohio River in North Central portion of the state.  It is the parent county in whole or part of: Anderson, Bullett, Carroll, Franklin, Henry, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble counties.  Even though this book does not have any general history of the county, the reader will be delighted to find that this volume contains 210 biographical sketches of individuals from Jefferson County.  The index mentions approx. 2,000 persons. 

1885-1888, (2013), paper 209 pp.

ISBN: 9780893081409