Johnson County, Kentucky: A History of the County and Genealogy of its People up to the year 1927


Located within the Big Sandy Valley, Johnson County was formed in 1844 from Floyd, Lawrence and Mason Counties. This book is similar to other history books of the era with such topics being discussed: English colonists, early settlement, government, local customs, geology, education, religion, industrial and etc.... The author has loaded this book with wide variety of genealogical information such as: 1925 and 1890 Tax List; 1837 Tax List of Floyd County; A list of early residents from 1844 to 1848 which were pulled from the 1st court order book; 1793 Tax List of Mason County; a map of pioneer trails from the Carolinas and Virginia into the Big Sandy Valley; Kentucky Land Grants and Entries affecting Eastern Kentucky and Johnson County, various lists of county officials and men serving in World War I; a list of Revolutionary soldiers from Mason, Floyd and Johnson counties showing name, date of pension, number of court order book, along with page number; and other items of interest.

Mitchell Hall

(1928), 2021, paper, 556 pp.

ISBN: 9781639140442