Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, 1779-1853


This is a complete index to the earliest land records of Kentucky alphabetically arranged under the names of the grantees, giving the number of acres, dates, locations, and page references in the original records. The bulk of the work is devoted to the early Fayette, Lincoln, and Jefferson county records which were turned over to Kentucky by Virginia in 1792. Also included are Military Warrants 1782-1793, Court of Appeals Deeds-Grantees 1783-1909, Court of Appeals Deeds-Grantors 1783-1909, Court of Appeals Deeds-Wills 1779-1850, and Court of Appeals Deeds-Power of Attorneys 1781-1853.

Willard Rouse Jillson

(1926), 2018, paper, 582 pp.

ISBN: 9780893089498