Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Volumes 1 and 2


Memorial Record of Western Kentucky - Volumes 1 & 2

The Lewis Publishing Company

The Western portion of the great commonwealth of Kentucky has produced many grand men and women, whose carriers have shed luster not only on the history of the community in which they lived, but also on that of their state and nation. The entire make up of this book is biographical sketches of men and women of person living in western Kentucky. These biographical sketches were collected largely by interviews. The New Index references approximately 7,000 persons within this book. Surnames of the biography's: Akin, Allen (2), Allensworth, Anderson (4), Arnold, Atkins, Atwood, Baker, Ballowe, Barber, Barry, Bauer, Becker, Beeler (3), Bell (2), Bennett, Berry, Bethshares, Beyer, Bishop, Blakey, Blane, Bloomfield, Blue, Blythe, Boli, Bone (2), Boone, Boyd (2), Bradley, Bradshaw, Brasher, Braswell, Breathitt (3), Brewer, Briggs, Brooks (2), Brothers, Brown, Bryant, Buchanan, Bugg (2), Bullock, Burch, Burchard, Burgess, Burnett (2), Burton, Bush, Butler (2), Caldwell, (2), Campbell (3), Carrico, Carter (2), case, Catlett, Choice, Chowning, Clark (2), Clay, Coleman (2), Colley (2), Collins, Conant, Cook, Cooper, Corbett, Coulter, Coyle, Crawford, Creedle, Crockett, Crossland (3) Crouch, Crumbaugh, Cummins, Curd, Crutchfield, Curtsinger, Dabney, Dalton, Daniel, Darby (2), Davis (6), Day, Dean, Deboe, Dickey, Dismukes, Dorsey, Douthit, Downer, Dreyfuss, Driskill, Dunn, Dycus, Eager, Eaton, Elliott (2), Elliston, Elmore, Elsey (2), Eubanks, Faith, Farabough, Farley (2), Farrell, Finch, Finley, Fisher (4), Flatt, Flourney, Foster, Fowler (3), Friedman (2), Futrell, Galloway (3), Gardner (2), Garnett (3), Garrett, George, Gilbert (2), Glenn, Gordon (2), Grace, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Greer (2), Gresham, Griffin (2), Grifith, Groom, Gunn, Guthrie, Hale (2), Hall, Happy, Harrison, Hazelwood, Henderson, Henry, Herndon, Hicks, Hilliard, Hobbs, Hobson, Hodge, Hodges, Hogancamp, Holloway, Hostetter, Housman, Howard, Hubbard, Huey, Hughes (2), Husbands (2), Jackson (3), James (3), Jeffrey, Johnson (2), Jones, Kane, Kelley, Kevil, Kirkpatrick, Klapp (2), Koltiusky, Lackey (2), Landes, Landrum, Lawson, Leavell, Lee, Leech (2), Lemon, Lenihan, Leonard (2), Lightfoot, Ligon, Linn, Lisanby, Little, Loeb, Lovelace (2), Lyon, Major, Mantle, Marble (2), Martin (2), Mason, Mathews, Maxon, McAlister, McCarroll, McClain, Meacham, Merritt, Miller, Mizell, Molloy (2), Moore (5), Moorman, Moreman, Morehead (2), Morgan (2), Morris, Morton, Mosby, Moss (4), Myatt, Nance (3), Newberry, Newman, Nichols, Ogilvie (3), Oliver, Owen (2), Payne (2), Peal, Perryman, Petree, Petrie, Pettit, Phillips, Pierceall, Polivick, Pollard, Pool, Potter, Powell (2), Pritchett, Prowse, Pryor, Pullen, Purdy, Puryear, Quiqley (3), Randle, Ratliff, Ray (2), Reddick, Reed (2), Reeves, Reynolds, Rich, Richmond, Riglesberger, Rivers, Robb, Robbins (2), Robertson, Rock, Rodgers, Rogers, Rozzell, Randolph, Samuels, Sanderson, Saunders, Schmidt, Scott, Shacklett, Shelbourne, Shelton (2), Sherrell, Sights, Sleeth (2), Smith (5), Spalding (2), Spicer (2), Spink, Stanfield, Stanley, Starr, Steele, Stevens, Stone, Sublett, Sullivan, Tartt, Taylor, Templeman, Terrell (2), Tharp, Thompson (3), Todd, Torian, Travis, Trimble, Troutman, Turk, Turner (2), Underwood, Utley, Utterback, Vaughn, Via, Walker, Wallace (2), Waller, Wasbam, Watkins (2), Webb, Whayne, Wheeler, White (3), Whitlow, Wickliffe, Wiley, Williams, Williamson, Willingham (3), Wisdom, Witty, Woelfle, Wood (2), Wray, Wright, Wyatt, Yates (2), Yeiser (2), and Young. 

1904, (2023), paper, 860 pp.

ISBN: 9780893082475