History of Kentucky, Edition 4


These are probably the RAREST and MOST VALUABLE set of books ever published on early Kentucky families. Confusion has long existed concerning these titles because the authors referred to each Volume as an "Edition", causing many to believe that each "Edition" carried more than one Volume per "Edition". Only nine "Editions" (volumes) were published with two being labeled Edition No. 8. In this catalog, this Publisher is referring to the two No. 8’s as 8-A and 8-B to distinguish between them.  Like most works of this kind, each Edition contains first, a History of the State with its ties to early Virginia; these are followed by varying appendixes one of which contains a listing of both Federal and Confederate Troops in service from Kentucky. Following these come the very important biographical sketches of individuals and their families, many going well back into the early to mid 1700’s.  Unlike a contemporary, partial and rearranged edition of this series, the Publisher is following the original Perrin, Battle, and Kniffin editions as originally done, EXCEPT that the History of Kentucky and Appendixes will be separated from the sections of biographical sketches, and will appear as a separate volume. Each Edition has had a new full-name index prepared and included to assist the reader in their research.

Contains 613 biographical sketches of individuals from the following counties: Adair, Boyle, Casey, Cumberland, Garrard, Green, Lincoln, Madison, Marion, Mercer, Nelson, Taylor, Trigg, and Washington.  The index mentions approx. 15,000 persons. 


Perrin, Battle, & Kniffin


1885-1888, (1998), paper, 381 pp.

ISBN: 9780893081362