Early Missouri Marriages in the News, 1820-1853


Early Missouri Marriages in the News, 1820-1853

Lois Stanley, George F. Wilson, and Maryhelen Wilson

Many important details not found in civil records appear in this collection, from about 50 newspapers and covering a wide area.  Most identify the Brides’s father or a parent - “second daughter to Ezekiel, of Spencer Co., KY.”, “daughter of Edwin, deceased”, formerly of Hardin Co., TN.”
     A vital clue often missing in courthouse papers is the “Mrs.” preceding the bride’s name, many brides were widows.  Another useful category are records never found in courthouses because they are from “BURNED” counties or reports of marriages which took place outside of the state.  Old newspapers may be the only possible source of such information.


1983, (2017), paper, 64 pp.

ISBN: 9780893084370