More Death Records from Missouri Newspapers, 1810-1857


These records cover the time frame of 1810-1857 and contains about 2,900 deaths taken from 20 newspapers. This book sequels two previous books from the same author covering the same period (Death Records of Missouri Men, 1808-1854 & Death Records of Missouri Pioneer Women, 1808-1853). This book differs from the other two volumes in that some people, primarily adults, are from newspapers not available for the earlier books while the remaining balance of the book deals with children previously omitted due to space limitations. The records cover a long period, from baby Harriet Penrose who died in St. Louis in Feb. 1810 to deaths on both sides of the state (Kansas City, St. Louis) and numerous places between, in 1857. Most of the children and many women could not be found in a census; they were born and died before 1850, or born before 1850 and died young.

Lois Stanley, George F. Wilson & Maryhelen Wilson

(1983), 2017, paper, 130 pp.

ISBN: 9780893084424