History of Callaway County, Missouri


History of Callaway County, Missouri

National Historical Company

In 1803, the Missouri Territory became apart of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase. Callaway County was created in 1820 from Montgomery County and the following year Missouri officially became the 24th State of the Union. Callaway County is considered one of the first five counties that laid the foundation upon which Missouri the Mother-State of the Great West was built. This book is broken down in three main sections. The first is a detailed history of the state of Missouri while the second section is a complete and through history of the county broken down through the various townships. The third section is what all family historians will be excited over. This section contains biographical sketches of some 450 individuals and genealogical data on some 4,000 other families / individuals. The New Full name index that was prepared for this reprint contains over 5,000 entries.

1884, (2018), cloth, 1030 pp.

ISBN: 9780893089160