Early Inhabitants of Natchez District


This book consists of 6 main areas of interest.  1) a Historical background on the state of Mississippi; 2) English Land Grants 1768-1779, thjs list contains the names of grantee, date of grant and number of acres in the grant; 3) Spanish census of the Natchez District 1792, this list gives English spelling of name as recorded and location of individual within the district; 4) Inhabitants of the Natchez District: 1810 (except Wilkinson County, which is for 1805), this list gives the Head of Household, county located in, and the number of white males and females over and under 21 years of age, and the number of free men of color and number of slaves within the household; 5) Inhabitants of Natchez District: 1816, this list gives name of head of Household and county located in; 6) Inhabitants of the Mississippi Territory: 1816, this list gives name of Head of Household and county located in (except for Natchez District which was reviewed in section #5.


Irene S. and Norman Gillis


158 pages, cloth

ISBN: 9780893085667