Granville Proprietary Land Office Records, Orange County, North Carolina Volume 4: Miscellaneous Records


Granville Proprietary Land Office Records: Orange County, North Carolina. (Volume #4): Miscellaneous Records

William D. Bennett

This volume completes the remaining Granville papers that concern Orange County, and they help particularly in a pivitol county where all the original deeds have not survived, all deeds were not recorded, and the reconstructed deed books are amazingly incomplete.  Facsimiles of surveys and signatures of the grantees and included in the text.  Included also in the book are two petitions for the period of c1755, the petitioners living in Orange, Rown, and Anson Counties, some seven pages of names for that early period, previously unpublished.
1991, (2019), 8 1/2” x 11”, paper, 96 pp.
ISBN: 9780893089979