Sketches of the Pioneers In Burke County, North Carolina History


The articles comprising the first part of this book, pages 5 through 67, were written in 1894 and were published in the Old Morganton Herald.  Those articles found on pages 68 through 89 were copies from manuscripts of Col. Walton; these are not in the possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. Harry Boggs (1924). This book contains sketches of the following pioneers in Burke County history: Avery, Ballew, Bechtter, Bouchelle, Bowman, Bradshaw, Brittain, Caldwell, Carson, Collins, Connelly, Corpening, Dobson, Duckworth, Erwin, Estes, Forney, Graham, Greenlee, Hemphill, Henderson, Herne, Hildebrand (2),  Lenoir, McDowell, McEntire, Miller, Morrison, Murphy, Newland, Patton, Perkin, Person, Picken, Rutherford, Stevelies, Tates, Walker, Walton. 


Thomas George Walton



ISBN 9780893085384