History of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina [cloth]


This is an excellent history for this county which was a pathway of major migration from Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey as, the Scotch-Irish came to this area in huge numbers. Besides the regular general history of the county, this book is filled with excellent genealogical sketches on many of these settlers. Those for whom genealogical sketches are given are: Adrey, Alexander, Avery, Balch, Barringer, Barry, Beard, Brevard, Brown, Bryce, Caldwell, Campbell, Combs, Craighead, Cummings, Davidson, Downs, Dulin, Dunlop, Dunn, Elms, Erwin, Flennikin, Foard, Garrison, Gibbon, Graham, Grier, Happoldt, Harris, Harty, Henderson, Hill, Hunter, Irwin, Jack, Jetton, Johnston, Kennon, Lafferty, Lourie, Lowrie, McCauley, McClure, Maxwell, Miller, Morris, Morrison, Neal, Oates, Orr, Osborne, Pharr, Phifer, Polk, Reese, Robinson, Shipp, Spratt, Strong, Todd, Torrance, Vance, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Waring, Watson, Williamson, Wilson, Yates and many, many more pioneer settlers. The Roster of 21 Companies furnished by Mecklenburg County in the War of 1861-1865 is also listed. The new index that was produced for this reprint mentions approximately 7,000 persons.

J. B. Alexander

(1902), 2018, new index, cloth, 504 pp.

ISBN: 0893084905