The Loyalist in North Carolina during the American Revolution


North Carolina may have had a greater number of Loyalists in proportion to its population than any other Colony. This book covers the motivation and buildup of the impending revolt. The author covers the military activities of the Loyalists, along with the various sufferings of these persons, including Laws against these supporters of the Crown and their loss of personal property through confiscation. There is even a chapter on the compensation and pensions allowed by the Crown and then the exodus of these Loyalists.

This book identifies large numbers of little known Loyalists. The genealogists will delight in: the lists of soldiers and citizens who supported the King of England throughout the Revolution, lists of Loyalists who suffered land confiscation, lists of Loyalists who made application to England for compensation for loss of said property or office, and lists of North Carolina Loyalists who received pensions from England.

Robert O. DeMond

(1940), 2019, paper, 294 pp.

ISBN: 9780893084264